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Cow profile – Susie

Name: Susie   Ear tag: 704227   Breed: Dairy Shorthorn x Swedish Red Cross   Likes: Time to herself, a quiet walk around her field   Dislikes: When the herd gets too noisy, dogs   This is Susie, and she’s a bit of an introvert.   Don’t get us wrong, her herd-mates are lovely cows, […]

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Valentine turns one!

When you see or hear the word Valentine, romance may be the first thing that comes to mind. For us, it’s Valentine the calf, who has just celebrated her first birthday on – you guessed it – 14th February!   Welcoming new calves is a special time at Acorn Dairy and so we wanted to […]

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Cow Profile – Jarko

Name: Jarko Ear tag: 304561 Age: 3 years, 10 months Breed: Mostly Holstein MRI Likes: Jumping in the fresh straw during ‘bedding up time’ each day and the automatic back brushes – happy to queue and wait her turn, however Dislikes: Our pet Labrador (for no good reason)   Moo, I’m Jarko!   I am […]

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Moo-ving inside for winter

Another year has flown by and as the temperatures dropped significantly, our farm team began transitioning the cows to indoor life. Whilst we try to keep them out on the pasture for as long as possible, part of the annual cycle includes bringing them in for a few months, when it is cold and there […]

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Organic September – why choose organic?

This month is Organic September, but at Acorn Dairy, a commitment to organic farming is not just for one month – it’s for life. But why are we so dedicated to producing our award-winning milk and butter organically, without the use of harmful chemicals? In short, health of humans, animals and soil.   Customers often […]

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