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Cow Profile – Two Face

Name: Two Face

Number: 602975

Age: 8 years old

Breed: Shorthorn Cross Breed

Likes: Spending time with friends

Dislikes: New people


Moo, I’m Two Face!


No prizes for guessing why I have my name!


My face is two different colours, meaning I have a distinctive look and I’m easy to spot. Barry says there has not been another cow who looks like me in his 36 years of looking after the herd. My daughter Eve is a lovely cow but does not have my ‘look twice’ face.


I tend to hang around at the rear of the herd as I prefer to be milked last, once rush hour has happened!


Being sociable, I love being with cows & people I know and trust, however I reserve the right to be feisty around strangers until I get to know them.


If any pushy young heifers, dogs or people do not give me the room I like, I do pride myself on my good aim with a left back leg kick…


All of us cows love to be able to roam free in the pastures of Acorn Dairy and we all enjoy a diet rich in a variety of organic forage & minerals.


Acorn Dairy received top marks in the Ethical Consumer dairy buying guide, thanks to their commitment to our welfare, as they say a happy herd means better milk.


I hope you enjoyed hearing from me. I really am rather special!


You can also learn more about my friends Dolly and Lucy.

Caroline Bell

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