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Cow Profile – Jarko

Name: Jarko

Ear tag: 304561

Age: 3 years, 10 months

Breed: Mostly Holstein MRI

Likes: Jumping in the fresh straw during ‘bedding up time’ each day and the automatic back brushes – happy to queue and wait her turn, however

Dislikes: Our pet Labrador (for no good reason)


Moo, I’m Jarko!


I am a mostly a Holstein MRI cow, and you can tell me apart from the rest of the herd by my hairy ears and little tufts on top of my head. Some members of the farm team like to pat me on the head when they greet me and tell me how lovely I am.


You will often find me frolicking with my friends on the farm, including my mother Mary, who is still in the herd.


When it comes to milking, I try to always be near the front of my group so that I can get back to eating and brushing sooner. The farm team are very efficient in their jobs. My shed is cleaned and tidied while I am being milked each morning and afternoon. In winter I do not have far to walk to the parlour – only about 100m in total. In summer we amble nearly 1km if grazing on the far side of the farm. I like to lie down near others, rest and chew the cud after that.


One thing I dislike is the farm black Labrador. It does not acknowledge my superiority and personal space. I aim to kick it one day!


All of us are well looked after at Acorn Dairy; the winter sheds are comfortable, with space to roam and Tom and Paul feed us a delicious organic diet to keep us happy and healthy. I do not want to go outside and graze just yet!


I hope you enjoyed hearing from me and learning more about my life on the farm.


You can also learn more about my friends Two Face, Lucy and Dolly.

Caroline Bell

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