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Spring 2021 Turnout

Thankfully, some things are unaffected by human viruses. Cows and grass are two of them! On Thursday we enjoyed a highlight of our farming year… Spring Turnout for our ladies.   Since early November, when the fields became too wet and the grass stopped growing, our cows have been cared for inside and have been […]

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24 hours at Acorn Dairy

It’s safe to say there’s never a dull moment at Acorn Dairy, so with the Covid-19 pandemic putting a pause on our usual family-friendly open days, we thought we’d share an insight into exactly what happens during 24 hours on the farm.   So, what does a typical day at Acorn Dairy involve?   When […]

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The benefits of using a wholesaler

We’re passionate about sharing our products as far and wide as possible – and through our wonderful wholesalers, cafes, restaurants and coffee shops from Berwick to Buckinghamshire have access to Acorn Dairy goodness.   If you’re a business owner who’s considered working with a wholesaler, here’s why you should take the leap…   Products straight […]

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Introducing our latest doorstep additions

We may be best known for our award-winning milk, but we’re also proud to work with several local & small scale, independent suppliers to provide other essentials as part of our doorstep rounds, with our product list constantly growing.   Here’s a guide to our newest additions, as well as some of our well-known and […]

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The benefits of going organic

Organic produce is a major growth industry – sales are up consistently year-on-year – as consumers become increasingly interested in the provenance of their food.   But for us at Acorn Dairy, organic isn’t just a fad, or a buzzword – it’s a way of life.   We started the transition from intensive, conventional, commodity […]

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