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The benefits of going organic

Organic produce is a major growth industry – sales are up consistently year-on-year – as consumers become increasingly interested in the provenance of their food.   But for us at Acorn Dairy, organic isn’t just a fad, or a buzzword – it’s a way of life.   We started the transition from intensive, conventional, commodity […]

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Local farm over the moo-n to hit major milestone with dairy deliveries

A local farm is celebrating a major milestone delivering fresh, organic produce to residents in the region.   Acorn Dairy, which is based in County Durham, is celebrating 20 years of its popular dairy delivery service.   The family business has been farming at Archdeacon Newton, near Darlington, since 1928 and in 1998 converted to […]

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From farm to front door

Have you ever wondered how our delicious, award-winning organic milk gets to your doorstep from our farm? Read on to find out all about its journey from our cows to your coffee.   The cows All good milk stories start with the cows, and ours is no exception. We firmly believe that a happy herd […]

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The benefits of supporting local

As a business born of and reliant on local customer demand, we’re big on supporting other independent firms who are providing high-quality produce. We work with hundreds of small businesses, both in our area and out, who deliver an unparalleled service to the communities they operate in.   Here are just a few reasons why […]

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How Acorn Dairy changed during lockdown

It’s safe to say that while we were all enjoying our Christmas dinners, ringing in the New Year and complaining about how long January was, we never could have anticipated the crazy turn 2020 would take.   Fast forward to the end of March, when a country-wide lockdown had been announced, supermarket stockpilers were rife, […]

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