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Organic September – why choose organic?

This month is Organic September, but at Acorn Dairy, a commitment to organic farming is not just for one month – it’s for life. But why are we so dedicated to producing our award-winning milk and butter organically, without the use of harmful chemicals? In short, health of humans, animals and soil.   Customers often […]

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Taste of success for County Durham dairy

A North East dairy has the best butter in the UK, according to a consumer organisation.   Acorn Dairy creates its own products from its low-carbon, organic farm in Archdeacon Newton, near Darlington.   The family business, run by directors Caroline Bell and her brother Graham Tweddle, has been farming since 1928 and converted to […]

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Cow Profile – Two Face

Name: Two Face Number: 602975 Age: 8 years old Breed: Shorthorn Cross Breed Likes: Spending time with friends Dislikes: New people   Moo, I’m Two Face!   No prizes for guessing why I have my name!   My face is two different colours, meaning I have a distinctive look and I’m easy to spot. Barry […]

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Cow Profile – Lucy

Name: Lucy Age: 4.5 years old Breed: MRI – Meuse-Rhine-Ijssel Likes: A pat every evening Dislikes: No one   Moo, I’m Lucy!   I like to think of myself as being different to the herd as I’m a distinct breed from the East and South-East of the Netherlands, in an area bordered by the rivers […]

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Cow Profile – Dolly

Name: Dolly Ear tag: 604116 Age: 5.5 years old Breed: Norwegian Red Cross Likes: An ear rub and back scratch Dislikes: Being alone   Moo, I’m Dolly!   I am a Norwegian Red Cross cow and am quite easy to spot with my huge hairy ears. My daughter, Jarko, has not inherited my extra large […]

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