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Cow Profile – Lucy

Name: Lucy

Age: 4.5 years old

Breed: MRI – Meuse-Rhine-Ijssel

Likes: A pat every evening

Dislikes: No one


Moo, I’m Lucy!


I like to think of myself as being different to the herd as I’m a distinct breed from the East and South-East of the Netherlands, in an area bordered by the rivers from which my breed takes its name. The ancestry of the MRI breed includes the indigenous cattle of the Netherlands and the red-and-white cattle breeds found in nearby Germany and Belgium.


My daughter Lucy-Wark is also in the herd and also has my sassy personality, which isn’t hard to spot! I have the farm team wrapped around my hoof and know how to get what I want. I don’t have a particular favourite person on the farm – anyone will do.


I love being friends with all of the herd as we form strong bonds and friendships. We even form grooming partnerships where we do each other’s hair.

Whilst I like humans, I really do not like ‘chasey’ dogs in my field. However, Marmalade the cat comes to see us in the shed through Winter, and she is very relaxing to be near.


Living on the farm is a slow pace of life. I have great cow friends and our organic farm has 50 per cent more wildlife, so there is lots to see.


I hope you enjoyed learning about me and keep checking back to see what I’m up to.


You can also learn more about my friends Dolly and Two-Face.

Caroline Bell

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