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The best, organic milk from our cows grazing the Yorkshire & Northumbria Dales

tel: 01325 466999

Fresh organic milk and dairy products

delivered to your doorstep

What could be better than fresh, organic milk & dairy products delivered to your doorstep once or twice a week. Just complete the registration form below and we’ll be in touch.

Areas covered

Doorstep Delivery Direct from the Farm!

Direct Doorstep & Business delivery coverage/ via Organic Distribution networks. Call to enquire

How Do I Pay?

Our customers pay their accounts by direct debit. Your milkman will deliver you an easy to complete direct debit form with your customer welcome pack on your first delivery. NB the direct debit form can also be downloaded from the Resources page, here on the website.

How to register for doorstep deliveries – Sign up now

To start doorstep deliveries we need 48 hours notice. So please complete your name and address details and a daytime phone number. One of our friendly team will contact you and chat to you about your requirements.

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    We will keep your personal data private and secure, respecting current data protection legislation.
    As an Acorn Dairy customer we will use the information you have provided to fulfil your order, contact you and share news about products and farm news.
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    Want to change your order?

    If you have regular doorstep deliveries from Acorn at the moment and would like to amend your regular order, simply include your name, address and postcode and phone details below and we’ll amend your order. Alternatively, call us on 01325 466999.

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