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Cow Profile – Dolly

Name: Dolly

Ear tag: 604116

Age: 5.5 years old

Breed: Norwegian Red Cross

Likes: An ear rub and back scratch

Dislikes: Being alone


Moo, I’m Dolly!


I am a Norwegian Red Cross cow and am quite easy to spot with my huge hairy ears. My daughter, Jarko, has not inherited my extra large ears!


My favourite time of day is when Tom and Barry from the farm team come to see us. You’ll find me standing close by to the two of them, as they give superb ear rubs.


Crowds aren’t my thing, so whenever I enter the parlour I like to be at the front of the herd, so I can be milked first and back outside before some of the others have even made their way into the building.


Our owners always have our welfare in mind, and they love to make sure we are as comfortable and well looked-after as possible. In Winter, one way they do this is by feeding us seaweed that has been grown in British waters, to help our immune systems by boosting our zinc and iodine levels and overall health – this also has the bonus effect of reducing methane in our burps!


Besides ear rubs, my other favourite thing is grazing fresh organic grass with my friends – this is very relaxing. We get a new field every day.


I hope you enjoyed hearing from me. You can also learn more about my friends Lucy and Two-Face.

Caroline Bell

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