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Meet the Bakers: Breaking Bread

We’re delighted to introduce our two new bread suppliers, Breaking Bread and P & V Bakers!


Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even just a snack, bread is one of our most popular products, so we’re excited to be teaming up with two local bakeries to deliver fresh, tasty loaves to our customers.


We thought we’d catch up with our new suppliers to learn more about them and their products.


Here, we chat to Phil Elliott, Breaking Bread’s multi-talented founder, baker, market stall trader, delivery driver and odd job man.


Where are you based?


We’re based in Bishop Auckland. Breaking Bread started in our kitchen at home, moving into the garage before we set up our very own bakery behind a café in the town’s market place.


How long have you been in business?


I started baking my first loaves for a market event in 2017.


Can you tell us about the products you supply?


As an artisan bakery, we mainly make and bake sourdough loaves using organic flours. We decided to play about with flavours to give customers a choice of breads.


What is your favourite product of yours?


I love our country sourdough. It’s a mix of white, wholemeal and dark rye flour, topped with a mix of organic seeds.


It keeps for days and is full of flavour, especially when toasted with some butter.


What is your favourite type of bread?


It has to be the sourdough – it’s magical to think that you can create such flavour from flour, water and salt!


The whole sourdough process also ensures you are eating a more wholesome product, which is good for your gut health.


What is your favourite sandwich?


I’m a huge sandwich fan and enjoy most fillings. If I’m in the bakery and offered a sandwich, I’ll usually just ask for whatever needs using up! But if I have a choice, it would be cheese and pickle.


Describe your business in three words:


Reason I’m grey.


To find out more about bread deliveries, or to add to your order, get in touch with our team.

Caroline Bell

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