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The benefits of using a wholesaler

We’re passionate about sharing our products as far and wide as possible – and through our wonderful wholesalers, cafes, restaurants and coffee shops from Berwick to Buckinghamshire have access to Acorn Dairy goodness.


If you’re a business owner who’s considered working with a wholesaler, here’s why you should take the leap…


Products straight to your door

Wave goodbye to long slogs at the warehouse or multiple trips to the supermarket – by working with a wholesaler, everything you need can be delivered straight to your front door. Your dedicated wholesaler will set up a regular delivery schedule to suit you and your needs.


Lower price

Music to the ears of coffee shops and cafes across the country! Wholesalers can offer bulk buy discounts or deals you may not get elsewhere, potentially saving a large amount of money in the long run.


All your needs met

There’s nothing worse than running out of stock when you need it. The good news? A wholesaler can make sure you have the products you need, when you need them. Set up an buying schedule, get your stock in advance and arrange repeat orders – all your stock needs, sorted.


More product choice than ever

As we mentioned above, our brilliant wholesalers mean we can share our products much further than our native North East. Businesses have a much wider range to choose from through wholesalers than they would at their local warehouse, as well as access to products they may not get elsewhere.


Dealing with experience

Just starting out and need some support? Or maybe you’ve been running your establishment for some years but could do with a helping hand? Each of our wholesalers has a wealth of experience – not only when it comes to knowing our products, but knowing what you need, too. These experts have worked with businesses of all kinds for several years, so they can offer specialist advice on everything from stock to flexibility.


To find out more about working with an Acorn Dairy wholesaler, get in touch with our office by emailing


Caroline Bell

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