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Meet the Bakers: P & V

We’re delighted to introduce our two new bread suppliers, P & V Bakers and Breaking Bread!


Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even just a snack, bread is one of our most popular products, so we’re excited to be teaming up with two local bakeries to deliver fresh, tasty loaves to our customers.


We thought we’d catch up with our new suppliers to learn more about them and their products.


First up, we chat to Katie Villiers, who deals with administration, sales and deliveries – and is self-proclaimed ‘general busybody’ – at P & V.


Where are you based?


Albert Hill Industrial Estate, Darlington.


How long have you been in business?


As a family we have been trading since 1908, however in 2011 we changed our name from Prest and Villiers to P & V Bakers.


Can you tell us about the products you supply?


When we started trading, we were initially general grocers, but over the years this has developed through butchery to delicatessen.


When we created our sandwich counter and we were buying bread to make our sandwiches, we quickly realised that we had all the equipment and most of the ingredients already in the building to make our own. This really took off and has now become pretty much the sole focus of our business.


Now, we produce a wide variety of different rolls, white and wholemeal loaves and, of course, a selection of cakes and biscuits.


What is your favourite product of yours?


My favourite product is our gingerbread, as it’s a recipe created by my late Grandmother and is still made to her exact standards to this day.


What is your favourite type of bread?


Thick white sliced.


What is your favourite sandwich?


My favourite sandwich is a bacon butty in a P & V white bread roll, with loads of tomato ketchup.


Describe your business in three words:


Quality, value and reliability.


To find out more about bread deliveries, or to add to your order, get in touch with our team.

Caroline Bell

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