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Introducing our latest doorstep additions

We may be best known for our award-winning milk, but we’re also proud to work with several local & small scale, independent suppliers to provide other essentials as part of our doorstep rounds, with our product list constantly growing.


Here’s a guide to our newest additions, as well as some of our well-known and much-loved favourites.


Pimhill Farm muesli and oats

Some things are made to go together – beans and toast, Ant and Dec, and now, our milk and Pimhill Farm oats and muesli. 100% organic, grown and packaged by the Mayall family in Shropshire, Pimhill products are perfect for accompanying your morning cup of tea or juice. We offer the following flavours:

  • Original muesli (swiss style, soft)
  • Fruity muesli (apricot and fig)
  • Porridge oats (jumbo or pinhead)


James White Refreshers and juice

For over 30 years, James White has been experimenting and innovating to bring the tastiest range of fresh juices to the market. We currently offer its organic Apple, Pear, Raspberry & Pear, Uncle Cornelius Ginger and Big Tom lines to our doorstep customers, and we’re delighted to be expanding our offering to include the newly launched Refreshers.


Cornelius Lemon and Cornelius Rhubarb are first on our list – perfect for those Spring days which (hopefully) aren’t too far away!


Yeo Valley yoghurts

We’ve worked with Yeo Valley for many years now, having bonded over shared values of exceptional cow care and organic farming. Over the years the firm has come up with more and more tasty flavours – such as its Greek & Honey Pots, Fruity Favourite Pots and Apricot & Peach – alognisde its classic flavours. We’re delighted to deliver a wide range alongside our milk.


Teesdale Cheesemakers Kefir

Created initially for Acorn Dairy customers, this product is ‘rocket fuel’ for gut health and aiding digestion. We work closely with Allison at Teesdale Cheesemakers to create and deliver their bottled Kefir, which is made from live grains fed Acorn Dairy organic milk.


The team at Teesdale Cheesemakers recently shared an insight into how they make the tasty drink on the Organic North YouTube channel – find out more here.


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