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Cow profile – Susie

Name: Susie


Ear tag: 704227


Breed: Dairy Shorthorn x Swedish Red Cross


Likes: Time to herself, a quiet walk around her field


Dislikes: When the herd gets too noisy, dogs


This is Susie, and she’s a bit of an introvert.


Don’t get us wrong, her herd-mates are lovely cows, but Susie likes to be able to get away and spend a bit of time with her own thoughts.


Luckily, our cows have so much room in our field that it’s easy to find a quiet spot when they need a bit of alone time.


And although Susie sometimes needs space away from the herd, she does love a bit of human company from us, the farm team; we’re much quieter and always know when she’d like an ear tickle or a back rub.


Heading away from the crowd also means Susie gets her pick of the delicious organic grass in our field – no fighting over the best spots!


It’s a pretty good life for our cows; plenty of room, plenty of chemical free food to eat and company when they need it – must be why Acorn Dairy milk tastes so good!


We hope you enjoyed learning about Susie from the farm team. You can also find out more about her herd-mates Lucy and Two-Face and see what they think.


Caroline Bell

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