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From cows to cuppa – the sustainable journey of our milk

Have you ever made your morning cuppa and stopped to think ‘How did my milk get here?’


Possibly not, but the journey from cow to cup is, in our opinion, ‘udderly’ fascinating!


And that’s undoubtedly the case at Acorn Dairy, where we believe every stage should not only be natural – but that your milk delivery shouldn’t hurt Mother Earth.


That’s why we are clinking our glass bottles to toast being shortlisted for Best Sustainable Product at Deliciously Yorkshire’s Taste Awards.


And it all starts with having happy, healthy cows – and central to all of that is a good, organic diet.


It’s not just grass, as you may think – our ladies feast on clovers, chickory, timothy, plantain and x6 different rye grasses. In winter they also receive a supplement of Apple cider vinegar which is full of antioxidants and British seaweed! The latter may seem unusual, but it’s a science-backed diet as it boosts both zinc and iodine levels.


Plus, it’s more eco-friendly. Research shows it to reduce the methane in the cows burps!


But a cow’s happiness isn’t just about their menu. In the summer, our cows spend their days grazing in the glorious Durham & Yorkshire Dales. Then, when the temperature drops, our herd enjoy being pampered indoors, where they can groom with electrically motored brushes and rest on clean, memory foam mattresses, specially designed for their comfort.


We believe our dairy cows benefit from a VIP lifestyle fit for a queen – and that’s probably why Her Majesty bestowed the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development on us back in 2021.


Yet despite that royal seal of approval, looking after over 550 cattle can admittedly be ‘herd’ work. Feeding and milking is a matter of following exact routines and standards, throughout all weathers.

But that hard work pays off and produces milk we are proud to put into fridges across the North.


Once the cows are milked, it’s pasteurised and bottled on-site, meaning we don’t add to the planet’s problems by transporting it to be bottled somewhere else in the country. And that isn’t the only energy-efficient step we take – our 67m on-site wind turbine, powers our bottling plant and saves around 1,000 litres of diesel each week.


Unlike some other dairies, we still offer milk in a good, old fashioned glass bottle. We believe it tastes much better that way, plus our glass bottles average 80 trips.


Once it is bottled, the next step is getting it onto your doorstep.


Our patch is huge, from Tyneside down to North Yorkshire – even Ernie, the fastest milkman in the west, would struggle to cover that in a day! So our hard-working fleet tackle their own rounds, bringing organic milk to schools, businesses and homes.


And we can even offer direct doorstep deliveries with just 48 hours’ notice.


So, when you next pour a glass of the best white stuff, remember that the journey from our cows to your cup is a considered one – but we are proud to say, ours is one that’s caring for this wonderful planet of ours.


We’ve been organic now for 25 years, and there’s nothing more important to us than doing what we can to make sure there’s a future for all of us.


Especially our cows.


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Caroline Bell

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