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Giggles galore as school pupils enjoy a day at the Acorn Dairy farm

For over a decade, pupils at Barnard Castle Prep School have enjoyed organic milk fresh from Acorn Dairy’s herd.

So, it was a joy to welcome Year 4 pupils to the farm for a peek behind the scenes.

The youngsters are learning about where their food comes from, so we walked through the entire process – from milking the cows, to botting it up.

And despite the need for winter coats to fend off the March chill, the pupils never stopped smiling.

But then how could you not – especially when your classmates for the day included 200 fully grown cows!

There were giggles galore as the curious class watched our herd eat and sleep, whilst also getting the chance to cuddle and stroke the young heifer and bull calves.


The youngsters also gained an enormous amount of knowledge about everything from sustainability, meat to animal welfare.

They discussed what foods are made from milk, various types of packaging and minimising food miles and waste.

And there was a strong focus on the cows themselves, with conversations around what a cow needs to be happy and healthy – as well as the impact their chemical-free diet has on local wildlife.

It was wonderful to see the youngsters so engaged with organic farming, and they watched intently as our cows expertly filtered onto the rotating milking platform for some yummy food, an udder clean and a massage before being milked (we really do treat our cattle like VIPS!).

And of course, there was a trip to the muck heap – which offers a great vantage point over the farm – to learn about the importance of our organic nutrient cycle, worms and soil health – and it nearly even offered a distant view of the school at the top of the valley.

It was our pleasure having these fantastic youngsters share an afternoon with us – and they are welcome back anytime!


Caroline Bell

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