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Seaweed on the Menu for our Organic Cows

A TASTE of the ocean to keep Acorn Dairy cows ship-shape and free from antibiotics. In the spring and summer our short-horn cows graze on nutrient-filled grass, clover and herb leys, grown free from any added chemicals and research has shown organic milk to be much richer in antioxidants, healthy fatty acids and Omega 3 […]

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Probably Our Best Customer Letter of 2018…

After two overnight breakdowns (on top of two vans already in the garage,) fast adaptations on the farm to operate through hard frosts and the general hassle that comes with running a business, our customers always boost us just when we need it. Thank you James Fairman from Gosforth, for your wonderful email this week.  ‘I […]

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Mine’s a Pint Please Graham

Apple cider vinegar is back on the menu for the lucky cows, producing your organic milk. With winter on the horizon the farm team are rolling out the barrel again. The grass is losing it’s nutritional quality quickly now and the cider vinegar is loaded with Vitamin C and gives our cows’ immune systems are […]

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British Grassland Society Rain Dance at Acorn Dairy

It’s Raining Dairy Farmers at Acorn Dairy The aim of this three day annual tour by the British Grassland Society, organised by Durham Grassland Society this year, is a two way sharing of information and best practice among the members. Not all are organic dairy farmers, most are not.  However as the name of the […]

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Customer Open Days 2018

Come to Acorn Dairy & Meet the Cows Producing your Milk this September.  Where does the year go?! September will soon be with us and Graham & I have already had a pow wow on a plan of action for your entertainment! Some dates for your diaries, before the summer exodus. September Thursday 20th  5pm […]

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