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British Grassland Society Rain Dance at Acorn Dairy

It’s Raining Dairy Farmers at Acorn Dairy

The aim of this three day annual tour by the British Grassland Society, organised by Durham Grassland Society this year, is a two way sharing of information and best practice among the members. Not all are organic dairy farmers, most are not.  However as the name of the Society may suggest, everyone here is in the same boat as us back at their own farms- managing increasingly bare grazing pastures due to lack of rain for grass growth.

With literally a coach load of the Nation’s best dairy farmers in front of him, Graham seized the moment and the combined group energy to summon the Rain Gods with a group Rain Dance. Farmers, as you know, have many skills… public dancing is not generally one of them. What the group lacks in dancing coordination (and frankly choreographic leadership from Graham) it makes up for in numbers, looks and its demographic range!!

We thought this was an excellent effort for 9am on a Wednesday morning (following a Tuesday night social BBQ.) What God could resist their beckoning allure…

Caroline Bell

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