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Soho Makes His Debut & Joins Team Acorn Dairy

Fresh from the hills of Kelso, the new Aberdeen Angus Bull is looking good to Acorn Dairy’s organic heifers.

We mentioned the need for a new bull in your Spring newsletter. Our dairy shorthorn heifers are relatively small compared their Holstein counterparts and as such we do not want a socking great big bull crushing them with his award winning weight. Soho is fifteen months old and was chosen for his excellent conformation and smaller stature. He will make a perfect mating partner for the heifers.

Upon arrival, our excited heifers chased him around the paddock mercilessly for a prolonged period. Eventually the presence of a male lost its wow factor and all settled down. It must have been a culture shock for Soho. Raised in the presence of other young bulls to suddenly be presented by a small herd of excitable females, and without a fellow bull in sight! He still looks slightly shell shocked. With approx. 150 heifers to mate with each year, it is time for him to get his ‘game face’ on!

If you are struggling to image how you would feel in his position, here are some photos of Soho’s current, excitable entourage. Video on facebook…
IMG_4056 IMG_4058 IMG_4061 IMG_4063 IMG_4069


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