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Mine’s a Pint Please Graham

Apple cider vinegar is back on the menu for the lucky cows, producing your organic milk.

With winter on the horizon the farm team are rolling out the barrel again. The grass is losing it’s nutritional quality quickly now and the cider vinegar is loaded with Vitamin C and gives our cows’ immune systems are natural boost. (No – it is not alcoholic.)

The cows  love it and we like what it does for them. If you think our cows have shiny coats, you would be correct. Everything we can do to keep the cows in tip top health, reduces the incidences of illness and potential vet involvement. Our vet bills are lower now than they were in the 1990s before we were organic farmers. (FYI When a cow does require an antibiotic treatment, her milk is kept out of the human food chain for longer, than with non organic milk systems. )

If cows have a high quality diet and are kept in a clean, relaxed environment with plenty of fresh air movement and light, they stay healthier. Just like two legged mammals- quelle surprise!

(If we wanted to produce milk at the lowest possible price for the customer, be this a supermarket trying to sell milk at the lowest possible price or milk processor, we would have more cows in our sheds and more sheds on the farm. We would no longer meet the organic standard but would likely meet the vet more often.)

As it is, the number of cows we have is balanced with how many we can feed from in summer from grazing and home grown silage through the winter- all without artificial fertilisers and chemicals.  Our farm is in balance. The customer benefits, the cows benefit and local wildlife benefits. Pints should either be organic milk or cider in our opinion! If you have a wholesale or doorstep milk enquiry contact us here

Caroline Bell

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