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Probably Our Best Customer Letter of 2018…

After two overnight breakdowns (on top of two vans already in the garage,) fast adaptations on the farm to operate through hard frosts and the general hassle that comes with running a business, our customers always boost us just when we need it
Thank you James Fairman from Gosforth, for your wonderful email this week. 

‘I keep meaning to leave a card with my milk bottle but always forget so i thought I should just write. I wanted to say a huge thank you for looking after and caring for your cows. I’ve done more and more soul searching about my use of animal products, and rather than become a vegan or vegetarian, i like to appreciate excellent animal husbandry and buy products from people that care for their animals. Having only bought meat and eggs from specific farmers I know and trust, and milk from you guys, it only recently dawned on me the likely source of eggs and dairy in so much food. Even stuff marketed for vegetarians that use eggs and milk will likely use the worst welfare dairy and eggs both for scale and cost. I’ve recently veered from guilt at all the stuff I’ve eaten previously, horror at how little I can now buy from the shops and how expensive shopping ethically is, and time consuming checking the ingredients on every packet, to satisfaction I’ve now seen the light, and how quickly I’m losing weight by dodging cheese and chocolate!
So, just a little thank you, and a note to let you know your customers are thinking of you and extremely grateful for all you do. I hope it might bring a tiny smile when you’re up at the crack of sparrows in the dark and freezing rain.

How lucky we are to receive letters from our customers like this.
Now heads down and let’s get a grip on these van issues!!

Caroline Bell

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