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The best, organic milk from our cows grazing the Yorkshire & Northumbria Dales

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Organic Barista Milk

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Inspired from conversation with nationally recognised champion barista Joe Meagher of Flat Caps Coffee and with developmental support from Rounton Coffee Roasters, our organic Barista Milk is blended for silky-smooth and long-lasting micro foam, that has an optimised fat and protein ratio and which compliments the coffee beans flavour. Perfect for the high-end barista trade.

Comment from the Professionals

“I’m very conscious of my business’ eco footprint and keen to use organic milk. I’ve been to see the cows at Acorn and have served organic milk to Flat Caps customers since 2010. My first conversation with Caroline about tailoring Acorn’s organic milk for barista needs was back in January. ‘I wanted a milk that would optimise the coffee presentation with great latte art and micro foam while also allowing for the delicious coffee flavours to work well with the milk, rather than be masked by it. The milk that Acorn Dairy has come up with here does that perfectly and I’m very excited to use it day to day at Flat Caps.” Joe Meagher – National Barista Finalist

Milk Quality

Acorn Dairy use only the milk from our home herd of organic Dairy Shorthorn cows known to produce nutritionally higher quality milk due to grazing organic grass, rich in clover and herb leys in the Yorkshire and Northumbria Dales. This breed is noted for a high quality milk from a grass and clover based organic diet. Attention to herd health is key. The cows are also fed seaweed grown in British waters, to boost the cow’s zinc and iodine levels and overall health- this has the bonus effect of reducing methane in their burps- specific UK research to come on this one!)

NO CHEMICALS or routine antibiotics are used on our the farm and cows and this shows in the quality of the raw and bottled milk. Acorn Dairy submitted raw and processed milk to a research team led by Newcastle University. This analysis was part of a wide study. We are proud to say a clear difference in terms of fatty acid composition and the concentrations of certain essential minerals and antioxidants was found. Milk produced naturally, is higher in quality.
Chris Seal, Professor of Food and Human Nutrition at Newcastle University explains: “Omega-3s are linked to reductions in cardiovascular disease, improved neurological development and function, and better immune function. Western European diets are recognised as being too low in these fatty acids and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommends we should double our intake. “But getting enough in our diet is difficult. Our study suggests that switching to organic would go some way towards improving intakes of these important nutrients.”
Acorn is an organic producer dedicated to high welfare and environmental standards and holds Compassion In World Farming’s Good Dairy Award for high cow and calf welfare. This is proudly displayed on our label. Organic farms have 50% more wildlife than their non organic counterparts. Following the holistic approach the farm and milk processing facility are powered by green electricity from the on-farm 500KW wind turbine. Offering customers a milk produced without compromise on any front.

Technical Distinction

The Barista Milk is batch tested for micro foam consistency in Acorn Dairy’s own SALSA & Soil Association Accredited processing facility.
The final composition and butterfat blend was perfected over several weeks with repeat visits to hand-picked, admired coffee house customers, following extensive product testing at Rounton Coffee Roasters’ The Granary.
Thanks to…
It was great to have a conversation with someone of Joe’s standing and we’re so grateful to him for bringing a technically performing milk, focused for busy Barista’s, keen on the benefits of organic milk production. Rounton Coffee Roasters and Hobo Coffee House in Yarm were invaluable in their professional support in bringing Acorn Barista Milk to life and to the wider market. Thank you Guys.

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