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The best, organic milk from our cows grazing the Yorkshire & Northumbria Dales

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Organic Barista Milk

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Inspired from conversation with nationally recognised champion barista Joe Meagher of Flat Caps Coffee and with developmental support from Rounton Coffee Roasters, our organic Barista Milk is blended for silky-smooth and long-lasting micro foam, that has an optimised fat and protein ratio and which compliments the coffee beans flavour. Perfect for the high-end barista trade.

Comment from the Professionals

“I’m very conscious of my business’ eco footprint and keen to use organic milk. I’ve been to see the cows at Acorn and have served organic milk to Flat Caps customers since 2010. My first conversation with Caroline about tailoring Acorn’s organic milk for barista needs was back in January. ‘I wanted a milk that would optimise the coffee presentation with great latte art and micro foam while also allowing for the delicious coffee flavours to work well with the milk, rather than be masked by it. The milk that Acorn Dairy has come up with here does that perfectly and I’m very excited to use it day to day at Flat Caps.” Joe Meagher – National Barista Finalist

“I’ve done extensive testing on milks and Acorn’s Whole Barista Milk continuously comes out on top. It is amazing!” Arran Stein, Authorised SCA Trainer. Grumpy Mule Coffee.

The Barista Milk comes from our herd of organic Dairy Shorthorn cows known to produce nutritionally higher quality milk due to grazing organic grass, rich in clover and herb leys in the Yorkshire & Durham Dales.

Environmentally Better

Less Carbon
The herd is fed home grown organic protein and also seaweed from British waters. The latter boosts the cow’s zinc and iodine levels and overall health- this has the bonus effect of reducing methane in their burps. On farm wind turbine and solar panels, directly produce the green electrical we use to farm and process milk.
Acorn Dairy was awarded the 2021 Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development.

Wildlife & Welfare

Organic since 1998 NO CHEMICALS have been used here since. A mature farm wide hedgerow regeneration project begun in 2000 is surrounded by healthy soils, fertilised naturally by grazing cows and clover. The farm now hosts 98 species of bird and 50% more wildlife than non organic counterparts. Nature would choose organic!

Holder of Compassion in World Farming- Good Dairy Award for Cow & Calf welfare. Ethical Consumer Magazine’s Best Dairy Milk 2020 & Butter 2021.
Thanks to…

Joe Meagher, Flat Caps Coffee for suggesting we develop a Barista Milk.

Hobo Coffee House, Yarm for their good humor & banter as we navigated weeks of testing and trials.


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