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We’re Cream of the Crop

  We are over the moo-n to reveal that we have received top marks in the Ethical Consumer dairy buying guide!  The magazine recently featured a shopping guide for dairy, looking at the practices of 31 brands, to help consumers make an informed choice to support suppliers with an ethical, sustainable approach to dairy farming. […]

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Milkman of the Month- Chris Park

At Acorn Dairy we’re lucky to have a fantastic team of milkmen who head out in all weathers to guarantee our customers get their dairy on time. Here we shine a spotlight on those independent milkmen we supply, delivering to doorsteps beyond our own milk rounds.  Chris is an independent milkman and has been delivering […]

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Freshly Baked Bread to your Doorstep

Some Great news… From Monday 22nd July we are delighted to have Cross Lanes Organic Café baking your bread orders. This will mark a move to an organically certified bakery selection of loaves, tea cakes & buns. We are excited to move to an organic bread range as we are concerned at the occurrence of […]

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Seaweed on the Menu for our Organic Cows

A TASTE of the ocean to keep Acorn Dairy cows ship-shape and free from antibiotics. In the spring and summer our short-horn cows graze on nutrient-filled grass, clover and herb leys, grown free from any added chemicals and research has shown organic milk to be much richer in antioxidants, healthy fatty acids and Omega 3 […]

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Probably Our Best Customer Letter of 2018…

After two overnight breakdowns (on top of two vans already in the garage,) fast adaptations on the farm to operate through hard frosts and the general hassle that comes with running a business, our customers always boost us just when we need it. Thank you James Fairman from Gosforth, for your wonderful email this week.  ‘I […]

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