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Taste of success for County Durham dairy

A North East dairy has the best butter in the UK, according to a consumer organisation.   Acorn Dairy creates its own products from its low-carbon, organic farm in Archdeacon Newton, near Darlington.   The family business, run by directors Caroline Bell and her brother Graham Tweddle, has been farming since 1928 and converted to […]

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Cow Profile – Two Face

Name: Two Face Number: 602975 Age: 8 years old Breed: Shorthorn Cross Breed Likes: Spending time with friends Dislikes: New people   Moo, I’m Two Face!   No prizes for guessing why I have my name!   My face is two different colours, meaning I have a distinctive look and I’m easy to spot. Barry […]

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Cow Profile – Lucy

Name: Lucy Age: 4.5 years old Breed: MRI – Meuse-Rhine-Ijssel Likes: A pat every evening Dislikes: No one   Moo, I’m Lucy!   I like to think of myself as being different to the herd as I’m a distinct breed from the East and South-East of the Netherlands, in an area bordered by the rivers […]

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Cow Profile – Dolly

Name: Dolly Ear tag: 604116 Age: 5.5 years old Breed: Norwegian Red Cross Likes: An ear rub and back scratch Dislikes: Being alone   Moo, I’m Dolly!   I am a Norwegian Red Cross cow and am quite easy to spot with my huge hairy ears. My daughter, Jarko, has not inherited my extra large […]

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A very Acorn Dairy Christmas

Now that we’re in December, the countdown to Christmas can officially begin…   From the main feast to the treats we leave out for Father Christmas, food is a massive part of the festive experience. When stocking up your fridge, choosing local (and hopefully organic) retailers, such as ourselves, will support the local economy and […]

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