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The best, organic milk from our cows grazing the Yorkshire & Northumbria Dales

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Doorstep and Wholesale Delivery across the

North of England

The Tweddle family has been farming at Archdeacon Newton, near Darlington, since 1928 and today, four generations later, we are still heavily involved in dairy farming. You could say it’s in our blood!

In 1998, as public awareness of the quality and traceability of the food we eat became more vocal, we decided to convert Garthorne Farm (360 acres) at Archdeacon Newton to Soil Association organic status.

Since then the family with the support from a fantastic team around them, have revived the tradition of doorstep to local towns and villages as well as wholesale delivery across the North of England, with organic milk and cream and other complementary produce from Acorn Dairy.

The increasing use of pesticides, antibiotic residue awareness, cow welfare and the ‘horsemeat-gate’ scandal have all led to greater demand than ever for the Acorn Dairy range of organic products. Today, consumers across a wide part of the UK can benefit from doorstep deliveries, thanks to our network of distributors. Acorn Dairy products are also available direct from the following regional retail & organic home delivery providers:

  • Organic Pantry
  • Riverford
  • Waitrose

Meet the Acorn Dairy team

Today, the Acorn Dairy team comprises both family members and other professionals including herdsmen, milk processors, a delivery team and our front line office team.

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Gordon & Linda





Gordon & Linda Tweddle

Gordon & Linda Tweddle


Established Acorn Dairy with son Graham in 1998, pioneering the organic movement in the North of England.

Graham Tweddle

Graham Tweddle


Ex Haper Adams University, Graham oversees the farm and processing activities at both Garthorne Farm and Hallwith in Wensleydale.

Caroline Bell

Caroline Bell


Caroline joined brother Graham in 2005 with responsibility for milk sales and distribution as demand for local organic milk grew across our region.

Acorn Dairy Milk Processing Team

Milk Processing Team


Another fine-tuned unit ensuring your Acorn Dairy milk, butter and cream taste experience is the best available. Roy, Rob, Dean, Carl, Cain & Kevin pasteurise and pack the award winning products you recognise in your kitchens and on retail shelves, operating to SALSA standards.

Acorn Dairy Office & Distribution Team

Office & Distribution Team


The ‘voices and faces’ of Acorn Dairy too many of you. Tracy, Siobhan and Jane are your contact points for day to day order management, supported by your doorstep milkmen and host of wholesale delivery persons who travel further afield.
*If you are interested to know your milkman’s name…*

* Rounds*

*Simon A & D *

*Simon B & C *

*Keith E & J *

*Martin G & N*

*Neil H & M*

*Nigel K & L*

*(your doorstep milk round letter is after your name on your weekly bill note.)*

Acorn Dairy Farm & Youngstock Team

Farm & Youngstock Team


Herd Manager Barry (centre) with Colin, Wes, Elle & Tom who form our professional team milking and caring for the cows and young stock, every day of the year.