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Protecting our Pint!

Nostalgia: Cows Grazing in the Fields & Milk in Pint Bottles

Today Monty Don tweeted he didn’t realise how privileged he was to have his milk delivered in glass bottles. Is it organic Monty?  Also today Dairy Crest announced the closure of their final glass bottling plant, as they see their business future focussed more on a supply chain suited to plastic bottles or cartons presumably. The E.U. also threatens the humble ‘pint’. Its imperial nature is offensive…  At some point in the future we may have to place an ‘Organic 568ml glass bottle’ on your doorstep!

For Acorn Dairy, supplying milk direct from the farm to many Yorkshire and Durham Dales doorsteps (as well as business), we see glass pints increasing in popularity! Customers say and we agree, milk tastes best from a glass bottle. Not having a recycling box full of plastic milk containers is also an increasingly popular reason to make the swap.

 Rest assured we will do whatever is necessary to maintain our organic milk in glass as an option for you. Acorn Dairy doorstep delivery (in glass bottles) is available in the below towns and surrounding villages:

Darlington | Northallerton | Richmond | Aycliffe | Yarm |Barnard Castle | Durham | Gosforth | Villages to the North of Bedale

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