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Doorstep Milk Customers have a Welly Good Time

Photos from our Welly Walk Customer Evenings

We were delighted to have just under 200 of our local customers from Darlington, Richmond, Barnard Castle, Northallerton and Aycliffe come along to see how we produce their milk. The three early evening walks were blessed with good weather. The aim of the events was for customers to see how their milk is produced, our high cow welfare and the bio diversity organic dairy farming sustains.

Little Acorn Dairy milk drinkers enjoyed hunting for mini beasts in a 10 acre meadow. Fellow customer and Mayor Darlington Councillor Gerald Lee kindly presented the prize on the final evening.

We had a timely birth on the Thursday- too fresh for some as the cow was still passing the after birth (that’s life!) All stuck their heads into the milking parlour as the cows were in and had a good ride out across the fields to spot our (normally) inseparable twin cows Loubie and Loubie Too. Our resident Barn Owl and Little Owl were spotted by Tom Dewdney in the back pasture and we thoroughly enjoyed getting up close to Alfie the Kestrel, Nan the Barn Owl and Pigeon the Peregrine Falcon from Special Guests Walworth Castle Birds of Prey.

Customers were warmed up with a hot chocolate before heading home. Thank you to all who came.

A special thank you to Ian at Ulnaby Farm Café  for lending us his excellent sit and ride trailor.

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Caroline Bell

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