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Pretty Joins the Organic Herd

A ‘Pretty’ Arrival at Acorn Dairy

With a lovely warm wind and October sun shining, Archdeacon Watzon Pretty was born today. Here she is on her feet, taking in her nursery paddock scenery, just six hours after landing.

Like her mother, Pretty is a Dairy Shorthorn cross. The brown colouring can take several generations to come through. The Dairy Shorthorn is a wonderful cow. They do very well for us on our extensive (not intensive) farming system, eating mostly organic grass and producing excellent quality milk for us to bottle for you. Pretty will hopefully have a long, relaxed life at Acorn Dairy. She will remain at the farm near Darlington until she is 3 months old. Then she and fellow young heifers will move to the organic farm in Wensleydale to breath in the Yorkshire air until they are old enough to run with the bulls. Pretty will be known as a heifer until she has her own first calf….at which point she will become a ‘cow.’  (A lot of people don’t know that!)


The rest of the herd are still enjoying grazing outside with the warm temperatures and are not yet looking at the sheds to be inside. September has been exceptional and we would now be pleased to see some rain to help our grass seeds along.  Any rain dancers out there?

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Caroline Bell

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