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A Notable Birth of our Own

Our Beloved Cranberry has her first Calf
We love all our ladies and this face you may recognise too.
Cranberry, with her recognisable ? shaped blaze, was born on Christmas Day 2012. Named by Acorn Dairy doorstep milk customers, we have enjoyed following her progress from calf to heifer and now cow.
Over the same Saturday lunch time as Katherine was producing the fourth in line to the throne, Cranberry, no stranger to being photographed and painted herself, had her first calf.  A wonderful Aberdeen Angus. In the shed nearest the farmhouse (our equivalent to the Lindo Wing!) Barry oversaw the calving but she required no assistance.
Our Aberdeen Angus bulls, Kyle & Erasmus are chosen for our heifers, to give them a smaller calf and easy first calving experience.
We are delighted to have Cranberry join the milking herd and look forward to sharing her with the Acorn Dairy milk customers.



Click here to see our facebook page and more photographs and paintings of Cranberry over the years.

Caroline Bell

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