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Christening the Clamp the Organic Way

Yesterday in Two Photos!
The start and end of an excellent day collecting in the first cut of silage.
Having cut the grass on Sunday, it wilted and dried on Monday. At 7am on Tuesday the contractors started bringing it in to the clamp we refurbed last month. We brought in 150 acres of grass and enjoyed seeing the contractors big tractors and trailers on the farm. Graham was openly jealous.
The end of the day is much more manual. The clamp is sheeted over and weighted down with tyres to keep it airtight. These are thrown into place. For any Acorn Dairy customers who think they have stamina, we invite you to come and join us with this task after second cut silage!
Our farm team mark the end of a good day and tired limbs. (L-R Phil, Eddy, Bill, Colin & Barry.)

7am DSC_0163

Caroline Bell

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