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Acorn Dairy Customer Open Days – September 2018

The Dates for your Diary…

Thursday 20th & Friday 21st    5pm 
Saturday 22nd                              3pm 

It is our pleasure to welcome customers to the farm again this autumn for our open days. Come and meet your cows and the team caring for the herd.

Farm tours will be guided by Gordon & Graham Tweddle who established Acorn Dairy in 2000.

We looking forward to seeing some very familiar faces and meeting new customers who have joined us this year, on their first visit.
Being farmers, we will go ahead in all weathers. Please wear sturdy footwear (cleanable footwear) and a warm layer. The temperature can drop quickly. No dogs please. Please note the earlier start on Saturday.

*** Special Guest  *** Newcastle University logo

On Friday & Saturday we are very lucky to be joined by Dr Julie Cooper, Soil Scientist & Lecturer, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Dr Cooper will be armed with microscopes to look at our soils in close up with you. What microorganisms will you spot? How do our organically farmed soils differ/ compare to soil receiving chemical ferts & pesticides? Who benefits?!

The Soil Association highlight the importance of soil to nature and also the potential longevity of human food production. It is too often over looked and not valued. “The health of soil, plant, animal and man is one and indivisible.” Lady Eve Balfour, Soil Association founder

Tasting Alert!
Jill from Calming Kefir in Cotherstone, will be joining us each afternoon, with tasting samples of kefir made with Acorn Dairy milk.
Soon to be available to order with your doorstep milk delivery. Launching later in September. Watch your bill notes for information.

We look forward to welcoming you. See you soon. 

Caroline Bell

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