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Clementine is now Six Weeks Old

Our Christmas Day heifer calf is doing very well.

Clementine was named by the Acorn Dairy doorstep milk customers in a Facebook campaign. Here she is at one day old also now aged six weeks, with Raido who cares for all our calves and young stock.  Clementine receives the same high welfare care and attention as all our other calves. Acorn Dairy won a Compassion in World Farming Good Dairy award for our high cow and calf welfare. (This is the Cow with Halo logo you see on the poly bottle label.)

Clementine is now in a straw loose box with a small group of five other heifers, of similar age and they will stay together as they grow.
Milk still forms the most part of her diet and she drinks about seven litres a day as well as a little straw and calf pellets.

Clementine is a excellent example of our Dairy Shorthorn cross breeding. She is predominately red / brown in colour, with a deep body and good strong legs. Considerable thought goes into selecting the right bull semen for individual cows to give them as easy a calving as possible and a calf with good confirmation and attributes to produce a good quality milk from our organic grazing and forage based diet, for our milk customers- you!
We will introduce you to Clementine at our next customer open day.


Clementine 26th Dec 2016Clementine and Raido Feb 2017

Caroline Bell

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