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The BBC came to Acorn Dairy !

What started as a little piece of news on your doorstep milk bills, has built up more momentum than we expected!

Antibiotics in food production must be reduced.  Lots in the press on this. Here we have reduced the, already very low,  somatic cell counts (infection indicators) in our herd by a further 20% following the introduction of a natural cider vinegar supplement. While some hard nosed scientists are struggling to support this method due to lack of hard evidence in a lab, here on our real life ‘farm sized lab’ we are seeing excellent results and know why.

BBC Look North and Radio 4’s Farming Today caught drift that our cows were enjoying their cider vinegar supplements. Unexpected wonderful coverage for our cows and the milk they produce for the local community. Thank you.

Here are links to the cows on BBC Look North

You can Listen Again to Farming Today with Charlotte Smith on the bar below. (Graham & the cows feature at 6 minutes in…)

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Caroline Bell

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