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Improving our Organic Cows Immune Systems = Apple Cider Vinegar!

We are always keen to run an experiment at Garthorne, particularly if there is an opportunity to improve things for the cows. Important you keep an open mind for this next bit.
We have started a trail feeding our milking cows a small amount of Apple Cider Vinegar every day, with the aim of boosting the cows immune systems and so prevent them getting ill. When I mentioned this to our Vet he gave me a look that said “What, Why, How and don’t be ridiculous” all at the same time. I must admit I wasn’t looking for his approval just his reaction. Once he had time to mull it over the response was “It will have a lot of vitamin C and that will be beneficial”.
We haven’t just picked Apple Cider Vinegar at random. There is a lot of research being carried out into its benefits by the American dairy industry and a small amount of internet research, will have you believing it can cure everything from the common cold to hair loss! Frankly my biggest concern is, not that it won’t have any benefits for the cows, but that it might change the flavour of the milk. Anyway the trial started last week, the cows appear to like it and so far nobody has detected an aroma of Apples in the parlour or dairy. Watch this space for the results next spring. Feedback on facebook suggests you guys are already very familiar with the benefits of apple cider vinegar with your pets at home. 

Apple cyder vinegar

Caroline Bell

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