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The Cows Christen their Brand New Shed (see the footage!)


Graham was on hand with our trusty video recorder to capture the first hoof crossing the threshold of the new shed. Barry, Gordon and Colin were all there to enjoy the moment too.

This has been a project of some scale for us this last year and we have been talking about it with our direct doorstep milk and business customers on their bill notes and at the farm open days as part of Organic September. In the nick of time (with the wet and cold turn in the weather forecast for the second half of this week,) yesterday was the day our cows got to see and use their new shed for the first time. The back brushes were an instant hit, as they know how to use these already. The memory foam mattresses took a little longer to become familiar but once one cow laid down, the others soon followed her lead. The shed has been designed to maintain optimum lighting and temperature for the cows’ comfort and allow easy and relaxed handling for our preferred, regular hoof care program. A relaxed and comfortable cow produces better milk, in our experience and cow welfare remains a top priority. We continue to share our Compassion in World Farming, Good Dairy Award on your Acorn Dairy organic milk bottle label.
We look forward to showing you a shed with some cows in it at next year’s open farm events. We hope you enjoy the footage. We certainly enjoyed filming it after so long in the planning and building. (If you would like our milk delivering to your doorstep, business, school or café please get in touch


Caroline Bell

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