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Coming this Week to Doorstep Milk Customers- Christmas Card

Cow With Wreath

Our Christmas card to you this year, is a painting by Marily Valkijainen , of one of our own heifers. We are delighted to have Raido, and his talented family, back in our midst! We hope you will like it as much as we do.

As eye catching as the front is, please remember to turn it over, to see your Christmas and New Year week delivery dates on the reverse. As in past years we are double delivering to most doorstep milkrounds ahead of the Bank Holidays, to give the delivery team some quality time off. (Don’t tell those on the farm and processing teams, for whom it is pretty much business as usual!) Each round is known by a letter. If you are unsure what your round letter is, you can find it on your weekly bill note- immediately after your name. e.g. Mr Tweddle – E.

Ideal for party time:   We have good stocks of delicious organic Mature Cheddar £2.66, Double Gloucester £2.53 and Red Leicester £2.53, 245g cheeses for you as well as our own 250g Acorn Dairy butter and Great Uncle Cornelieus Ginger Wine 75cl £3.78. To order please ring 01325 466999 or email us. Here is a link to our produce & order page.

card and bottle 2016 2 reverse of 2016 card

Caroline Bell

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