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Maisy the Organic Cow

Say hello to Maisy, one of the cows at Acorn Dairy producing your organic milk. 

Nicator Maisey June 2015

Maisy is a red head, four years old with a curvaceous shape. She enjoys being able to roam around outside between milkings and eating the best quality, chemical free grass and clover on offer. Her hobbies include chillaxing with companions at Acorn Dairy, having the sun on her back and trying to head butt cocker spaniels who have no sense of personal space!  She appreciates a warm pair of hands in the parlour and a good massage from her favourite automatic back brush.
No, we are not trying to find love for Maisy, just an appreciation of her life at Acorn Dairy. We are passionate about #cowwelfare as well as being proud to produce and deliver local, organic milk to you in Yorkshire, Durham & Northumberland.

Thank you for choosing our milk for your family. If you receive a doorstep delivery from us, or pick the milk up off a local shelf, we appreciate your custom. To find a local stockist or enquire about doorstep delivery in Darlington | Richmond | Northallerton | Aycliffe | Barnard Castle | Durham | Newcastle | Harrogate | Ripon | Boroughbridge please call 01325 466999 or click here.  Thank you.

Caroline Bell

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