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Spring Turnout 2016- Featuring Cow Head Cam

The organic cows at Acorn Dairy enjoy being back in the pastures, grazing spring grass again after the cold, winter months being cared for inside their sheds.

We are pleased to share turnout day with our organic milk customers every year. This year’s is a peach as a friend, with the appropriate kit, suggested trying a head cam to capture a cow’s eye view of the excitement. Amazingly the camera stayed in place on the halter and we got some wonderful footage. If you look closely you can see the film making cow, enjoying herself with the others. We hope you enjoy it. (Click on the photo below.)

The footage highlights one of the differences in how our organic milk is produced, compared to much milk, produced to least cost of production, where the cows are housed inside year round in a bid to reduce production costs. There is a lot of pressure on dairy farmers to produce the cheapest milk possible to meet supermarket consumer demand. Some of you may have seen Country File at the weekend  which visited a herd housed inside year round.
For us, the joy of seeing our cows grazing naturally grown grass, from healthy soils, surrounded by abundant hedges, is part of the joy of dairy farming. The welfare of cows producing milk for us to drink is paramount and we are pleased to share our Compassion in World Farming Good Dairy award on the front of all Acorn Dairy milk bottle labels.  Available in most farm shops and independent delis across Yorkshire, Durham and Northumberland, as well as Waitrose, Yorkshire Co Op stores and Morrisons supermarkets. For doorstep milk / catering enquiries or stockists please contact us


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