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Prepping for ‘Turn Out’ and Getting Excited

Some Extra Jobs Prepping for Turnout

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With temperatures thinking about rising, we are looking forward to ‘turn out’. Acorn Dairy milk customers may have seen video of this spectacle here at the farm, from previous years. It is a highlight every year for cows and carers alike. Our organic cows simply love the feel of grass under foot and the opportunity to graze, after the cold winter months housed in their sheds.

You can’t help to notice fewer cows in the fields each year. That is because milk is undervalued in general by supermarkets and cheaper milk can be produced keeping cows inside and bringing food to them.  The freedom to graze is an important aspect of cow welfare and organic milk production. Acorn Dairy won the Good Dairy Award from Compassion in World Farming for our welfare. This award is on the front of all our milk labels.

Before we charge up the video camera battery and open the necessary gates, some maintenance work is required to prep the fields, cow tracks and fences. Fresh woodchips will be laid down to give the cows a comfy walking surface between the fields and parlour. This protects their soft feet from stones. Fences are being checked and straightened up where tree branches and wind have caused damage. Water troughs and water pipes are being planned and checked.

The end of March/ Beginning of April usually sees turnout. As always we are dependent on the weather but will keep you posted.
Thank you for choosing Acorn Dairy organic milk for your family. Acorn Dairy milk is available in Morrisons & Waitrose in Yorkshire to Northumberland, many farm shops and to your doorstep in Darlington, Northallerton, Richmond, Barnard Castle, Aycliffe, Ripon, Harrogate, Durham & Gosforth.
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