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Silage Clamp Improvements

Here at Acorn Dairy we are thinking about future organic silage storage and we are improving our original silage clamp.
Built in the 1960s the original clamp has served well. It is now ageing and a revamp is required if we are to continue to meet new environmental rules.

The clamp is how we store and preserve grass cut in the summer months, to use as feed through the winter. The fresh cut grass is piled high, compressed and kept water and as air tight possible. This effectively pickles it. The management of any silage effluent is crucial.
Here you see the old concrete floor being removed. The new concrete walls will be 1 meter higher than the previous wooden ones. This will allow more compaction.

Hole digging

Luckily digging is a job that can be done in all weathers. To the LHS you can see the sleet storm incoming that followed shortly afterwards on strong winds. More photos to follow as things progress. Everyone loves a project before and after pic!


Caroline Bell

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