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How Acorn Dairy changed during lockdown

It’s safe to say that while we were all enjoying our Christmas dinners, ringing in the New Year and complaining about how long January was, we never could have anticipated the crazy turn 2020 would take.


Fast forward to the end of March, when a country-wide lockdown had been announced, supermarket stockpilers were rife, and, like many other small businesses, our phone lines and email inboxes were jammed with people requesting new orders.


Now, as we get further into the year and begin to emerge from lockdown, we thought we’d take a look back at how the past four months have changed us as a business…


In a time where many had to shield or were struggling to feed their families with the limited goods available in the supermarkets, we were delighted to welcome 680 new residential customers to our books.


Since lockdown began, our routes have been filled to the very brim, and we’ve delivered…


  • 64,396 glass pints
  • 5346 butter rolls
  • 281kg of cheese
  • 991 boxes of eggs
  • And 931 loaves of bread


To doorsteps around the region.


A huge thanks goes to our fabulous team of milkmen and independent delivery drivers during this time, who have worked tirelessly day and night to bring our goods to your front doors. We’re lucky to have made it through the crisis with only three van breakdowns in the whole of lockdown!


The hospitality industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, with 160 of our own hospitality customers closing their doors (having kindly paid their account in full before doing so). Now, as restrictions are eased and we begin to enjoy time with our family and friends once again, we’re so happy to see many of these opening back up.


But it wasn’t all doom and gloom for the sector – in fact, we’ve been fortunate enough to make nine new business partnerships during the lockdown, that we’re very much looking forward to continuing.


As we embrace the (here’s that phrase again) ‘new normal’, we’re thankful for everyone who supported us during lockdown. It’s been a pleasure to welcome new customers – both doorstep and business-wise – and we’re hopeful for what the future holds.


If you would like to come on board as an Acorn Dairy customer, give us a call on 01325 466999 or email

Caroline Bell

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