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The benefits of supporting local

As a business born of and reliant on local customer demand, we’re big on supporting other independent firms who are providing high-quality produce. We work with hundreds of small businesses, both in our area and out, who deliver an unparalleled service to the communities they operate in.


Here are just a few reasons why we believe now is the time to support local…


When you support local… You’re supporting the community.


We’ve all heard the news – with more people than ever choosing to shop online, high streets are unfortunately on the decline. What you may not know is that the way to prevent this is by shopping at a local business, rather than a large chain.


Research shows that £10 spent with a local independent shop means up to an additional £50 goes back into the local economy. Shop owners will put the money you spend back into the community by visiting pubs, restaurants and so on, which means it continues to circulate in the area and allows it to thrive.


When you support local… You’ll be treated to plenty of personality, character and care.


No corporate logos, no big-money advertisements – but plenty of heart and soul. Run by local people, the faces you meet in an independent shop will be as passionate about the local area as you are, and that passion runs through the whole business and provides a huge amount of authenticity.


While most chain businesses have great customer service, it’s hard to beat the personal touch of a shopkeeper who grew up down the road, or a barista who you met at primary school. One of the things local business owners do best is build a relationship with the community they serve.


When you support local… You’re helping a business owner’s dreams come true.


Based on our encounters, it’s not often you come across an independent business owner who doesn’t live and breathe their business. Whether they own a shop, run a café, or deliver a service, it’s likely that business has been a dream of theirs for a long time – and by shopping there, you’re supporting it.


When you support local… You’ll have access to one-of-a-kind products.


From handmade crafts to niche brands, small businesses carry unique products that you won’t find elsewhere, which comes in especially handy when looking for special gifts! When you shop at a chain store with branches across the country – plus a worldwide website – anyone can have the same item and specialty disappears.


When you support local… You’re supporting innovation.


Some of our favourite products have been dreamed up in a small business owner’s bedroom, kitchen table, or back garden. Independents are where innovation happens, and creativity and drive are found in abundance.


Through supporting a local business, you’re supporting local entrepreneurs who may not have had chance of getting their company or idea started elsewhere.


If you’re a small business who would like to partner with us, call us now on 01325 466999 or email

Caroline Bell

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