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Hot New Look. Same Great Milk.

Your Sneek Preview of the New Year New Look

It is goodbye to Ruby, Matilda & Katy who have graced the labels of our milk range since 2009.
Hello to a fresh look label to match the natural quality of Acorn Dairy milk and better communicate with shoppers that we offer a genuine local, organic milk with provenance in Yorkshire, Durham & Northumberland.


Working closely with retail customers we realised the need to improve visibility of ‘our story’ on shelf. (Thankfully this was achieved without a public berating from Alex Polizzi.) The photo cow labels were very interesting for the breakfast table, but lacked impact on busy milk shelves. Although we offer exactly what organic milk shoppers are looking for- the opportunity to buy local at good value, their eye was being drawn elsewhere in the short time taken to select their dairy produce. Alarming but an opportunity. The labels arrived this week & will be on bottles from Monday 5th January. They maintain their interest level for the breakfast table, whilst achieving an eye catching simple message for shoppers to spot with improved aesthetic.

The poly bottles will also now proudly show our Good Dairy Award from Compassion in World Farming on the front of pack. Acorn Dairy creams and butters will now look part of the same family, with matching branding, giving shoppers’ better continuity. Our recognised logo has only had a mild face lift. Initial response from some of our larger customers has positive through the design process, with several of them allowing us in store to get shopper feedback at different stages. So, something new for the New Year!

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Caroline Bell

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