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The Hedging Pixies are Hard at Work Again…

Gordon has a long- awaited assistant to help him tackle our on going hedge laying  programme.

Carl was keen to get involved when learning a traditional skill was suggested to him and consequently he passed his chainsaw course with flying colours. Gordon has exacting standards but his trainee grasped the skill well. Hedge laying can be a solitary, scratchy job and progress is slow, but rewarding. Looking at a long line of field hedge still ahead of you on cold days, makes you glad to have someone to share the job with. 

 DSC_0053Carl hedging Dec 2015     Acorn Dairy are dedicated to providing bird habitat on our organic dairy farm. Zero spraying of pesticides means we have plenty of insects for birds to eat. Solid, thick-bottomed hedges provide both fruit and a safe refuge from hunting birds of prey. Unfortunately specific government funding for this environmental work dried up several years ago and it is now left to the individual farmers to decide whether or not to use some of their general EU agricultural subsidy for this work.

Environmental issues seem to be taking a battering in the name of political expediency in austerity and a national pleasure in paying as little for food as possible, leads naturally to many farmers cutting all costs possible, to enable them to meet supermarket price points.  Direct from the farm, we can offer cost savings due to reduce food chain, but we remain thankful to you for buying our local, organic milk. You are key to this organic farm. Thank you

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Caroline Bell

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