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Fresh and Fabulous Bread with your Acorn Milk

Acorn Dairy Clervaux Bakery

Clervaux Bakery

We’re delighted Rick McCordall and his head baker Scott, based at the Coniscliffe Road bakery are able to supply our customers’ bread orders. They are part of the Clervaux Foundation charity, which works to reconnect our local, young people with nature.

The change to Clervaux follows streamlining to the Larchfield Community’s baking operation and a move away from supplying local businesses. We have enjoyed their bread for many years and wish the group well.

We are confident you will love the Clervaux loaves.

Your delivery man can bring you bread with your milk on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. See the Products tab for details on the breads- some lovely new ones- Black Pudding!

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