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Best Dairy Finalist- Food Awards England

Food Awards England
It was a surprise to hear we were nominated, let alone a finalist at these national awards. Graham headed down to Manchester to hear the results…

“And the winner in the Best Dairy Category is….”Not Acorn Dairy”… Que polite clapping and smiling through gritted teeth! We do not get to know the judging parameters, but we lost to a significantly bigger (non organic) milk processor. We suspected there would be some big players in the category.

We’d still like to thank the customers who nominated Acorn Dairy for the award and providing the opportunity to get dressed up and mix with the big guns in the food industry. It never fails to surprise just how huge the food industry is in the UK and the diversity of the firms, working in it. Last night there was an award for the best Sole Trader Street Food provider and at the other end of the scale the best prepared Ready Meal producer was won by a firm that produces ready meals for all the UK Supermarkets.

This morning it is back to the daily tasks of cow care and producing organic milk for our local customers in Northumberland, Durham and Yorkshire (whilst keeping an eye on our overwintering sheep and what they are getting up to in this wind.) Dickie bow back in the drawer.

Caroline Bell

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