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An Amazing Contraption Helping to Produce your Organic Doorstep Milk!

To Irrigate, Inject,Tanker or Umbilical…That is the question


One activity you may not picture when thinking about how your milk is produced, is slurry handling. This is liquid heaven for soil and is a key nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium source for our grass, as we obviously do not use artificial fertilisers in organic farming.
Depending on the weather, the maturity of the grass it is going on and the speed with which we need to spread it, we can handle slurry in differenct ways. Here you can see our contractor Carl ‘injecting’ our slurry into the soil. This is excellent. The nitrogen retention is good, the field is able to take the cows more quickly afterwards and of course the smell is reduced. (The latter point is not important to us, but walkers and neighbours would appreciate it, if aware.) The machine is straight off the set of War of the Worlds and quite fascinating to see.

So, next time you are enjoying your local pinta and picturing your supplying cows grazing happily in the fields, you will be better informed as to how the organic grass she is eating, is produced for her. We are proud of how we farm and are pleased to share it with our customers.

Caroline Bell

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