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Twins Join the Acorn Dairy Herd

A Happy Event at Acorn Dairy

Twins to Watzon Angus bull JUne 2014
Just as our wholesale milk delivery vans were returning from Newcastle and Harrogate on Thursday afternoon at one end of the farm, at the other, one of our heifers was calving and gave us some beautiful twins. However these two little calves look less related than Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny De Vito.
Our herdsman Richard was nearby through the birth, in case the cow needed assistance with the second calf, and was tickled pink to see it was all black. For both to be mostly red in colour would be much more usual. The Sire is an Angus Bull called Watzon- a good strong name.  Richard took this photo a minute after the second calf arrived, to share with you. The little black calf is as ‘fresh’ as they come, and ready for a good licking and clean up.

Caroline Bell

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