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Acorn Dairy Twins: Loubie & Loubie Too

Inseparable… Twin Sisters in the Acorn Dairy Herd

Loubie and Loubie Too June 2014

The benefits of being an organic cow at Acorn Dairy are numerous… including not being separated from your beloved twin sister.

Our herd of 210 cows is cared for in smaller groups, which are usually arranged around lactation for recording and feeding purposes. Seen here are two 3yr old sisters who enjoy a relationship to rival any human bond. Our Herd Manager Barry does not have the heart to separate them.

Loubie (LHS) and Loubie Too (RHS) file into the parlour together, choose a patch of grass next to each other in the fields and if they lose sight of one another, bellow until reunited. In three generations of dairy farming here, no one can remember any twins being so similar in look. These two ladies have remained together ever since birth and we are happy to bend the usual rules a little for them to stay in the same group. (There is more to life than the World Cup!)

Caroline Bell

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