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We’re Cream of the Crop


We are over the moo-n to reveal that we have received top marks in the Ethical Consumer dairy buying guide!

 The magazine recently featured a shopping guide for dairy, looking at the practices of 31 brands, to help consumers make an informed choice to support suppliers with an ethical, sustainable approach to dairy farming.

Out of a possible score of 20, Acorn Dairy was awarded 15 – the highest mark – thanks to the high welfare standards on our organic farm, along with our supply chain management. To put the scores into perspective, the highest scoring supermarket was Waitrose Duchy Organic, with 8.5, while the rest of the major supermarkets all scored between 0 and 4.5 for their non-organic milk.

We have always said that a happy herd equals excellent milk, and we’re pleased that our approach has been recognised. We are a wholly organic producer, with Compassion In World Farming’s Good Dairy Award for high cow and calf welfare.  We’re proud to be one of only a small number of UK dairy farmers in the UK to still practice the traditional system of Summer grazing and Winter housing, allowing our herd to feel the sun on their backs and to roam freely.

In the Spring and Summer, our cows graze on nutrient-filled grass, clover and herb leys, grown without any added chemicals. In the colder months, when there is no fresh grass, our herd enjoys a rich mix of food, including organic silage made from five different rye grasses and four types of clover, apple cider, Himalayan rock salt, chicory, plantain, whole crop barley, pea silage, fodder beets and beans – ingredients that wouldn’t look out of place on a fancy restaurant menu!

If you’d like to join the growing numbers of people who enjoy organic Acorn Dairy products delivered to their doorsteps, register here and we’ll be in touch.


Caroline Bell

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