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Weed Control at Acorn Dairy

Barry lazy dog 3The soil is perfect and Barry, Phil, Richard and Eddy are our four man thistle and dock hit squad, in between milkings.

Turning our back on chemical herbicides in 1998, meant seizing opportunities to tackle weeds, at the optimum time (i.e. before they seed and spread.) Here you see Barry with our ‘Lazy Dog.’ An implement which levers weeds out of the ground bringing the root up whole. You can see why a little rain makes the task easier with nearly 400 acres to cover. Dedication and belief in organic standards.

The result is some excellent pasture land, with soils rich in organic matter and organisms.
Healthy soils = Good quality grass & clover growth = Excellent grazing and forage for the cows. There is nothing better for our cows, producing your doorstep milk.

Caroline Bell

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