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Organic Milk starts with Caring for the Soil

Muck Spreading at Last…and on an Epic Scale!

Some residents on the western edge of Darlington may have already detected a change in the air, but for everybody else, we have starting spreading muck. For all the rain we had in December and the start of January, it has only taken 3 weeks of dry weather to get the fields to a point where the spreaders can travel without causing compaction damage. This is something we are very careful about. If conditions are too wet, not only do the tractors and spreaders make a mess but they also squash all the air out of the soil which then stunts the root growth on the next crop.
It is a real team effort this year, with Uncle Geoffrey, Bill Tuplin and James Binks joining Charles, Martin and Wilf Metcalfe.   With such a large mob (the collective noun for muck spreaders) we are aiming to spread our entire stockpile of 5000T in one day, before it starts raining again tomorrow.
Well it doesn’t hurt to be ambitious!   Ploughing next, so watch this space.


Meanwhile milk deliveries and looking after the cows continues as normal. The wholesale delivery vehicles are returning from across Yorkshire, Durham and Northumberland and we are taking final orders from doorstep milk customers in Darlington, Richmond, Aycliffe and Long Newton for tomorrow’s  doorstep delivery. Your spring Acorn Dairy newsletter is in print- with you shortly.  Copy available here


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